Disability and pension arrangements

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Impulse schemes for self-employed people in the cultural and creative sector.

Creating opportunities through LinkedIn

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Organizations Art is A Guaranty and Cultuur+Ondernemen organized a series of Artist Meetings.

Fair rates


In rechtReeKs, the Arts Union, union for artists and everyone who works...

Institute for Visual Literacy

Alena Hudcovičová and Matjaž Štuk, in the capacity of Gulliver Projects, organized...

Common ground

  • commissioning and public space

Common Ground is an art program in public spaces that extends to...

How do you build a relevant network?

  • How?

Building a relevant network as a visual artist is important to furthering your career, exhibiting your work and securing opportunities to...

Cultural Council functioning evaluation

  • policy & politics

Once every four years, the Council for Culture is bound to...

New advisors Mondrian Fund

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At the Mondrian Fund, since the beginning of this year, forty...

The liberation of patronage

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Patronage is on the rise in the Dutch visual arts. From a...

Bookman #137: Working together

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The romantic idea of the artist working in isolation still exists....

Jubilee edition Art Rotterdam 2024

Art Rotterdam celebrates its 25th edition, from Thursday, Feb. 1 through Sunday, Feb. 4, for the last time in Rotterdam's iconic Van...

Podcast #10: Epilogue

  • podcast

In the tenth and also final episode of our podcast What Does...

Artificial intelligence (AI): how do you protect your work?


In rechtReeKs, the Arts Union, union for artists and everyone who works...

How do you get in touch with trustees?

  • How?

The role of a curator in the visual arts world can be challenging for visual...

Working on a happy brain?

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Here's how to make sure you (re)wire correctly. This report is based on...