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Finals 2024

View this year's graduation work by graduates of Dutch art academies

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Summer podcasts

A list of art podcasts to listen to over the summer

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Broken Line

In late March, Tamar Frank's artwork Gebroken Lijn was unveiled in Breda. Esther Didden spoke with her.

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No higher VAT

You burden the Netherlands with it

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    Our summer podcast list (about art)

    else More and more people like and listen to podcasts a lot. There are many good podcasts to listen to and we are noticing this in the compilation of BK information. Perhaps you have extra time during the summer to listen to podcasts and are looking for tips. We have those for... Read More

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    Route Entrepreneurship from Culture+Enterprise

    ALSO In what ways is your work highly visible? How do you make sure your work stays in view even after a success experience? Do you feel you could pay more attention to your network? Should these be questions you would like to take the next step in, then... Read More

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    New: Voucher Artist with Child

    • financing

    ALSO For visual artists with care responsibilities for a child who is not yet of compulsory school age and who, for example by participating in a residency or the construction phase of an exhibition, incur extra costs to take care of their child(ren), the Voucher Artist with Child exists. The contribution is intended exclusively... Read More

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    Majority of Dutch support sustainability of cultural sector

    • publications

    ALSO Two out of three Dutch people surveyed think the cultural sector should become more sustainable. This emerges from new research commissioned by the Boekman Foundation. The fact that people want sustainability does not mean that they immediately embrace every initiative. They mainly support measures that do not directly affect them or the cultural maker. With the Boekman Foundation's research, it wants to support the arts and culture sector with knowledge about sustainability. The research report "Public Perceptions of Dutch Cultural Institutions" shows what people consider important about the cultural sector and what role the sector should play in sustainability. Read More

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    Response of Kunsten '92 to outline agreement

    • policy & politics

    ALSO Last night, May 15-16, the four forming political parties presented an outline agreement. Kunsten '92 responded to the proposals that affect art and culture. Below are the points of concern. Read More

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    New scheme Cooperation & economies of scale

    • financing

    ALSO The Collaboration & Economies of Scale scheme encourages organizations and self-employed people in the cultural and creative sector to explore the possibilities of collaboration with other organizations and self-employed people. By working together, a fair and sustainable professional practice can be realized Read More

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  • Politics and art

    Politics and art, sometimes they are intertwined sometimes they are not. For the organization of the Eurovision Song Contest, they are not intertwined. Although the event was created to create unity in Europe by connecting the countries through music. In itself a political statement. It is also just an example, but a good [...].

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    Essay Christiaan Weijts

    Following the podcast series: on autonomy and commitment.

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