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The transition to more robust job and income security in the sector involves structural costs. For organizations, this includes costs for hiring self-employed workers, providing pension plans and ensuring fair compensation. Self-employed workers incur costs to attend training and take out financiële provisions, such as pensions and disability insurance. To cope with these investments, cooperation is possible. Indeed, cooperation can lead to economies of scale én to cost savings. Investment in fair and sustainable professional practice is thus made possible.

Financial contribution for exploration and implementation of partnerships

Through the Collaboration & Economies of Scale scheme, organizations and self-employed people in the cultural and creative sector can apply for a financial contribution for the exploration and implementation of collaborations. These may include, for example, organizations and/or artists coordinating activities to attract a wider audience and achieve greater impact and reach on the arts and urban climate, as well as artists renting a studio together or establishing a joint legal entity.

The scheme is part of Eye for Impulse and offers:


  • An Exploratory Contribution to explore the possibilities of such cooperation, not exceeding € 20,000 for exploration of cooperation between organizations and a maximum of 5,000 for exploration of self-employment collaboration.
  • An Incentive contribution for the implementation costs of the collaboration, not to exceed 10,000 for the cooperating organizations and 2,500 for the collaborating self-employed.

Applications can only be submitted by self-employed individuals or organizations working in the cultural and creative sector, but partnerships with a self-employed individual or organization outside the cultural and creative sector are supported.

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