All the museums and presentation institutions should be open again by the time this BK information goes to press. When did they close again, was it November? And how long were they open before then?

The lack is a physical experience

Not only the museums and presentation institutions were closed for a long time, including concert halls, theatres, cinemas, monuments, libraries were forced to keep their doors closed. Of course, we've all known that for a long time, and we've also all experienced. In person, because loss is a physical experience. 

We all turned to our bookshelves from which we pulled out books and DVDs

Moved by necessity we all turned - after a brisk walk - to our bookshelf from which we conjured up books and DVDs, or we we ordered them from our local bookstore. We watched talk shows online, lectures, films, dance and theatre performances and also visual art we saw on our computer screen. Still a different story. But all for the greater cause. 

In May, very slowly, the world started moving again. And at a certain moment we could even go to the library to visit our favorite sex worker who, in turn, makes a much-needed income was able to acquire. How nice. 

Wouldn't you rather put on a DVD at home? To fall asleep with

However, the arts were still on hold. A visit to a museum or presentation institution? No, that was not yet possible. A visit to a concert and enjoying music together with a hall partly full of people? Still to come. A much-needed income for makers in the arts? That was always a problem that needed to be fixed sometime, but not right now. 

The physical experience of art, the gut instinctively squeezing together when we see or hear something really beautiful, something that moves us. It is obvious that our trustees have little or no knowledge of that particular experience, or at least find it rather unimportant. Perhaps that is only logical. They probably don't have enough time for it themselves and if they are able to spend a quiet evening, they will be very tired. Then you'd much rather have a DVD? To fall asleep with. You have a bit of a physical experience of art. 

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