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In this section, six young visual artists who graduated from an art school in the Netherlands in 2021 write letters to each other telling how starting their lives as visual artists is going for them and what they are working on. Taking turns, one of the six artists writes to the others what is on his or her mind. The artists who participate in this column are: Lauren Raaijmakers (WdKA graduate), Leonie Fernhout (WdKA), Jelle van Kuilenburg (ArtEZ), Repelsteeltje (WdKA), Hannah Meijer (HKU) and Loes van Reijmersdal (St. Joost).

Dear Readers,

FROM. That became the title of my last letter. I am happy with that because the word means how it happened. Now the only thing is that from that moment on it has not gone naturally for me. Now I am stuck and find that difficult.

Fixed automatically

Crazy to read the new letters. Like everyone is kind of in the same boat after all. I also read back my own letter. So you as a reader should not do that. How I talk about my work there is already out of date. Sometimes it goes so fast.

So I am stuck. But there is no complete standstill:

New 1 - Loes talks about slowing down. I need to start teaching myself that a bit, too. I think it's nice if you allow yourself to take your time for something. To experiment in your work. With me, everything has to be done in a hurry and at speed. Not very relaxing or motivating. I want to dwell more on what is happening. I should also slow down a bit more. This also involves patience. Being stuck doesn't feel good. But maybe I'm not stuck but the pace has just slowed, and I need more patience.

As if everyone is kind of in the same boat anyway

New 2 - I am writing a fund application. I find that very difficult. As easy as a letter like this comes on paper, I find a fund application so difficult. Don't get me wrong, I take this letter seriously too, but in this I feel more freedom that I can say what I want. I am writing to my own group, the budding artist. Who am I kidding. Writing this letter I also find difficult. I prefer to tell in pictures, that's what I became an artist for.

New 3 - I recently organized two events. It had gotten so quiet in my artistry that it made me nervous and I just started doing art related things.
- 1 Evening with artist talks for art students by HKU alumni.
- 1 Evening of learning to network for HKU art students and alumni with art professionals from the art world.
The latter I actually did just for myself too because I wanted to practice that myself. You can just do that, right?

New 4 - I am finding drawings. When you find a drawing, it is almost always abstract because they are therefore drawings by accident. (As I write this I think about how I used to always find faces in the wood of my bunk bed, the knots became eyes. Think cloud watching. Found drawings are not always abstract.)

I'm inspired by those found drawings and I'm figuring out why that is. I just like them so much better because they were made by chance, or so to speak, came about. So I find that so much better than intention. In my opinion, everything is more valuable that is beautiful by chance, rather than on purpose. And I can actually extend this to all of art. If you try to make something beautiful by intention, it misses the mark. Making something that turned out to be beautiful by chance is so much more valuable.

New 4 - I am finding drawings

I just came back from a little vacation. I really needed that. Apparently you can need a vacation when you have worked too much, but also when you have worked too little. I went to Ireland and here I also found a drawing, a natural drawing.

I am also making another work. I find it hard to make work when I don't know what it is for. I am going to knit again, so you know what time it is. It will be a temperature diagram of the weather in year 2023. So this knitting has exactly 365 rows. 365-9= 356 rows to go.

Maybe until then. Or at another time, Hannah

My question to you guys is: What do you do when you just don't know where to look for it? Knit?

Your response to the question can be sent to

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