Loss of income in the cultural and creative sector

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Based on research, the Cultural and Creative Sector Taskforce expects venues and presentation institutions to have about 40% audience revenue from that in the same period in 2019. For museums, it will be 50%, for cinemas 65%.

Festivals are experiencing a virtually lost season, as is the night culture, which is still at a complete standstill after one and a half years. The loss of revenue for the second half of this year is estimated at more than 1 billion euros. In the first half of 2021, the estimated loss due to the lockdown was €1.8 billion. This brings the loss of revenue for the full year 2021 to 2.8 billion.

The decline in public revenues leads to considerable financial damage for organisations and workers in the cultural and creative sector. The research has not calculated the financial consequences for creators, but it may be assumed that the loss of income will trickle down to them.

The decline in audience income leads to major financial damage

The Taskforce points out the danger of the sector running out of steam: "Technicians, crews, hospitality, self-employed workers and artists are having a particularly hard time. And that is, with 60%, the largest part of the sector. A drain, both in front of and behind the scenes, is underway (...)." The Task Force reveals that extending the corona support is necessary to keep the sector on its feet and that issuing guarantees is essential in this regard. Clarity about a rapid reopening is also needed, using scientific insights, according to the Task Force.

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