How do you build a relevant network?

  • How?

Building a relevant network as a visual artist is important to furthering your career, exhibiting your work and finding opportunities. Here are some steps that can help build a good network.

1. Participation in local arts communities.

Join local artist associations, art centers and galleries. Attending and/or participating in art-related events, exhibitions and art fairs in your area can help you meet other artists and art lovers.

2. Online presence

Create and maintain a professional website and use social media, such as Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, to share your artwork and connect with other artists and art lovers.

3. Art training and workshops

Consider taking courses, workshops and training. These can not only help you improve your skills, but also provide an opportunity to meet like-minded artists.

4. Artist-in-Residencies

Consider participating in residencies at home or abroad. These are programs where you can work and collaborate with other artists in a specific location for a period of time (see also our Assignments section).

5. Galleries and art fairs

Visit galleries, art fairs and exhibitions not only to view art, but also to make contacts with gallery owners, curators and other artists.

6. Arts communities online

Join online art communities and forums where you can share your work, get feedback and connect with other artists.

7. Portfolio reviews

Attend portfolio review sessions and events where you can showcase your work to professional curators, gallery owners and other artists. Portfolio reviews seem to be an especially good way for photographers to showcase their work (google "portfolio review").

8. Be proactive

Initiate conversations, ask questions and share your expertise with others in the "arts community. Stay involved and show that you are willing to contribute to the community.

9. Professional development

Continue to develop and improve yourself as an artist. Continuously work on your art, participate in exhibitions and stay abreast of the latest developments in the art world.

In conclusion

Networking as a visual artist takes time and effort, but can ultimately lead to valuable opportunities, collaborations and recognition. With all the above tips, there is one overarching tip - an open door that cannot be overemphasized, however: be sincere in your interactions with others and strive for long-term relationships based on friendship and curiosity about the other person.

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