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In November 2021, Platform ACCT launched the three-year program "Improving Working Conditions and Collective Agreements" to promote collective agreements on better working conditions within various disciplines in the cultural and creative sector. The name of the program has since been renamed fairPACCT.

The goal is to translate the Fair Practice Code into concrete tools for application in practice.

Many workers in the sector have temporary contracts, low average incomes and no (financial) room for pension accrual, training and/or disability insurance. Strengthening their income position and developing future-proof working conditions stimulates the sector and is of value to the economy and society as a whole.

It concerns the employment status of all employed people

It covers the employment status of all workers: salaried, self-employed and hybrids, subsidized and unsubsidized, trainees, volunteers and start-ups. The program relies on research into the status of working conditions and contractual arrangements in various sub-sectors. The intended improvements must be sustainable and fairPACCT therefore facilitates workers, organizations and partnerships in the process toward better agreements.

The incentive program can provide various tools and results, such as good examples, an understandable framework for terms within the subsectors, manuals for reaching good agreements, guidelines for rewards and other working conditions, and standards or collective bargaining agreements for the various subsectors.

More information: platformacct.co.uk

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