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With the new Minister of OCW Robbert Dijkgraaf and State Secretary for Culture and Media Gunay Uslu, the final responsibility for national cultural policy remains with D66. The outlines of the cultural plans (creative and cultural sector) for the coming years are ready in the coalition agreement that was presented in mid-December 2021. 


About the cultural and creative sector, the coalition agreement states written the following, we quote: 

"Culture is essential for our society and an investment in our society: the connecting, inspiring and stimulating power of art and culture brings people together, challenges and offers new perspectives. Corona showed the innovative power of the cultural sector, but also its vulnerability. 

  • To make recovery, renewal and growth possible again, we are structurally investing 170 million per year in the creative and cultural sector.
  • We pay attention to improving the labor market position including a fair salary for creators in the entire creative sector, from media and fashion to music. We stimulate cultural entrepreneurship.
  • There will be a recovery plan to help and strengthen professionals, institutions and amateur associations alike.
  • We want to make culture accessible to everyone, including through good regional distribution throughout the Netherlands and additional investment in cultural participation.
  • We want to give more attention to our common history. That is why the Kingdom is contributing to a National History Museum and a Slavery Museum. In the run-up to the commemoration year 2023, we will pay extra attention to dialogue about the history of slavery and contemporary racism.
  • We encourage music and cultural education in school, including visits to museums. 
  • We strive for a future-oriented library (facility) in every community.
  • We involve the creative industry in major social tasks." 

Download the Coalition Accord-2021-2025 here

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