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What will you find in the latest and what can you expect in the next issue?

Issue 5 of this year was published on July 22. The next issue will appear on September 23.

In the next issue, among other things:

  • An image contribution of Façade 2022
  • Artist column by Koen Kievits
  • The rights of the Arts Union
  • agenda, residencies, commissions and more
  • Boekman #131: Artist and power

What was in number 5?


Getting Started with Lauren

In the Startup section, Lauren Raaijkamers writes about bio art, among other things.

Commissioning and public space

Esther Didden spoke about a new life for a neon artwork in Utrecht: Rebus from Korrie Besems

Can the rent for your studio just be increased?

In rechtReeKs, the Kunstenbond, the trade union for artists and everyone working in the cultural and creative sector, takes a close look at a subject that is fundamental to the professional practice of the professional artist. This time Jet Hootsmans, a lawyer with the Kunstenbond and a specialist in contract law, writes about the rights of tenants of studio space. Should you accept it when your landlord announces a sharp increase in your rent?

In the picture

Final exam work of the new batch of the Dutch art academies, part 2.


The editorial of this BK information is about boundaries. It can be very annoying to run into boundaries and sometimes it is just as well that someone runs into such a boundary.

Artist Column

Visual artist, performance artist and nature guide Linda Molenaar (1972) graduated as a sculptor in 1997. She is inspired by the relationship between man and nature. Her workplace is three stories up in Amsterdam, so she likes to get out of the city for a residency in nature. The entire month of April this year she worked in arctic northern Norway at residency Sjyhågen on Elgeløya, the 'Angel Island'. Without a preconceived plan, she sought out the void.


Also an overview of the final exam exhibitions in the country and lots of information about group exhibitions, personalities, publications, open calls, residencies, commissions, supply and demand, and more.

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