Fourth dimension

An ever-increasing part of the world, of life takes place online. The Internet has become our fourth dimension, an ever-expanding virtual reality in which we move from one source to another and where all sorts of things take place: exchanging information, making and maintaining contacts, watching movies, you name it.

New generations are growing up with the digital world as their benchmark. Young adults are frightened by mail on the doormat because in their eyes it usually indicates bad news, from the tax authorities or bills, for example. In their experience, nice mail only arrives digitally. Just like a lot of information.

Fortunately, we know better. Because you, our reader, value the printed version of BK information undiminished. Our 2017 reader survey showed this. Nevertheless, a digital magazine as a supplement to the physical magazine would not be an unnecessary luxury. In this way, our subscribers can access a large part of the information we offer anytime, anywhere, and we can respond better to current events. Moreover, in this way we hope to reach new generations of artists with the professional information we offer.

With that in mind, we've been working with the designers and builders over the past few months, and the result, our revamped and expanded website as a digital magazine, is a joy to behold.

As a subscriber you can access all the information on the website, non-subscribers only some of it.

Be sure to save the address slip that came with this, or any previous, BK information, as it contains your subscriber number that you can use to create your online BK account if you wish.

Once on the site, the rest is self-explanatory. Until November 15, all information on the website is visible to everyone. That gives you some time to find your create digital account.

By the time this BK Information appears, the new site will be up and running and you will be able to visit it. And when you visit the website, please let us know immediately which work of art in public space you think is a key work in the Netherlands and why. This is part of our anniversary celebrations that are about to begin. You can read all about it on pages 4 and 5 of this BK information. And here.

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