It's Not You, It's Me

For all the duos in It's Not You, It's Me, they are now exes. Especially for this exhibition, they come together one more time to make something about their broken hearts. Whether it happened twelve years ago, or only very recently, and the pain is still palpable everywhere. Some now live on as friends, others secretly long for a reunion, and sometimes there seems to be nothing left of the love that was once there.

This is the counterpart to the previous exhibition Yes, I Do, which highlighted the positive aspects of successful love relationships.

Participating artists: Kenneth Aidoo & Anouk Hoogendoorn, Helena Hoogenraad & Bas Schippers, Michaël Bloos (& Eva Meijering), Goof Kloosterman & Jesse Strikwerda, Jonas Lund & Anika Schwarzlose, as well as Alma Mathijsen.

Still on view until April 21 at Nieuw Dakota in Amsterdam.

(photos Bas Czerwinski)

I Thought We Would Do This Together

Michaël Bloos (& Eva Meijering)

2023 - 2024
Joint Memory

Kenneth Aidoo & Anouk Hoogendoorn


Helena Hoogenraad & Bas Schippers

Long Time No See, 2023

Jonas Lund & Anika Schwarzlose

On Equal Footing

Goof Kloosterman & Jesse Strikwerda


Alma Mathijsen


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