Brick, we see it every day. An ancient building material common in our environment for both the construction of walls and pavements. A remarkable number of visual artists feel an affinity with brick. At Kunsthal KAdE, several artists display its aesthetic and symbolic aspects. The exhibition BAKSTEEN pays tribute to the material with work by more than fifty artists, architects and designers from the Netherlands and abroad. In new and existing work, they show the beauty and expressiveness of baked stone.

Especially for the exhibition, Kunsthal KAdE has asked seven makers to come up with a folly made of brick: Floris Alkemade, ATMosphere (Antal Bos, Thijs Trompert, Marisja Smit), Olivier Goethals, André Pielage, Jan Poolen, Office Winhov and Baukje Trenning.

BAKSTEEN is on display through Jan. 8 at Kunsthal KAdE, the Elleboogkerk and with folly's throughout the city of Amersfoort.

Among equals - Circles of Brick

Baukje Trenning

2022 (photo: Mike Bink)
Maçon Mêtis

Olivier Goethals

2022 (photo Kunsthal KAdE)


2022 (Mike Bink photo)

Joost van den Toorn

2017 (photo: Mike Bink)
London / Paris I, III & VII

Per Kirkeby

1986 / 2017 (photo: Mike Bibnk)

Suzie van Staaveren

2016 (photo by Mike Brink)
Chaise, briques et pelle, 1969-1973 & Sculpture

Marcel Broodthaers

1974 ( photo by Mike Bink)

Latifa Echakhch

2011-2012 (photo by Mike Bink)
Concrete Mill

Wim Delvoye

(Photo: Mike Bink)
Room Overview Elbow Church

with Tanja Smeets, buro BELéN & Bijoy Jain (Studio Mumbai)

(Mike Bink photo)
Model House 1/10

Gijs Van Vaerenbergh

2016 (photo: Peter Cox)
Room Overview Elbow Church

(clockwise) Bosco Sodi, Buro BELéN, Bijoy Jain (Studio Mumbai), Marlon de Azambuja, Koen Mulder, Ugo Rondinone, Latifa Echakhch, Filip Dujardin, Joost van den Toorn, Peter Land

2022 (photo: Peter Cox)
What do you want, Brick?

Koen Mulder

2022 (photo: Kunsthal KAdE)

Lennart de Neef

2020 (photo: Mike Bink)
Brick topography

Filip Dujardin

2022 (photo: Mike Bink)
Muro (Wall)

Bosco Sodi

2017 (photo: Kunsthal KAdE)

August Sander


Marlon de Azambuja

, 2014 2014 (2022) (photo: Kunsthal KAdE)

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