Podcast "What's That Doing Here?

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Under the title What's That Doing Here, BK Information is bringing you a ten-part podcast series about artists and the social issues they deal with. We launched the first episode on Nov. 4.

In each episode, philosopher and expert on art in public space Esther Didden, together with a co-host, enters into conversation with artists who realize their work within a social context. A context in which very different criteria apply than within the "usual" art discourse.

The creators of the podcast want to know why they work within that context and what it brings to their artistry. What criteria are they dealing with? And what does it bring to society? What does an artist add when they sit at a conference table?

What topics are covered in this series? Click here for more information

You can also listen to the podcast via:

The next podcast will appear on Dec. 16.

What's that doing here? is made possible in part by the Mondrian Fund and the Pictoright Fund.

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