New Creative Deal

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On 2 March Kunsten '92 and the Federatie Creatieve Industrie launched a plan for the recovery and renewal of the cultural and creative sector: the New Creative Deal.

Kunsten '92 and the Federatie Creatieve Industrie believe that a plan that brings together recovery and renewal of the sector is of great importance at this time. The plan focuses on three major ambitions:

  1. Every Dutch person will have unimpeded access to a wide range of cultural experiences.
  2. The sector works with governments and business life to address major social issues.
  3. Together with the government, the sector is committed to a vital sector that is more agile and financially resilient than before.

In order to achieve these objectives, the sector is presenting actions along five main lines:

  1. A coherent and sustainable policy for the entire sector, including media, with one vision and one minister.
  2. Sufficient resources for the sector to overcome the crisis and innovate sustainably. Investments in the labour market, local infrastructure, entrepreneurship and new developments are important here.
  3. Increasing the impact of the sector in tackling social issues.
  4. Solid investments in arts education, cultural programs, and literacy.
  5. Generous tax policy for donations and crowdfunding.

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