Impact Covid-19 on artist-in-residencies

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Covid-19: Impact survey on the arts residencies field_ survey 2 of 3 

65% of artists have been forced into non-artistic work, while 12.2% are considering leaving the sector altogether. 68% of artists and 61% of residencies have not accessed emergency funding. For 88% of artist respondents, their mental health has been affected by the pandemic, and 57% say it has affected their ability to produce new work. More than a year after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, creative industries around the world are still struggling. 

Residencies have also been hit hard. This report, a collaboration between Res Artis and University College London (UCL), aims to assess the effects of the pandemic on the sector at short, medium and long term. 

The first survey of artists and art organizations, published in November, revealed that 2020, it appeared that by September 2020 a majority (54%) of the planned residencies were cancelled, modified, aborted or postponed. One in 10 residencies reported being forced to close indefinitely, and only 17% of respondents had access to emergency funding. 

This second of three investigative reports contains more disturbing statistics. The report examines the financial condition of the sector one year after Covid-19. By illustrating the changing situation of the industry Using quantitative and qualitative data, the organization hopes to inform artists, funders, and researchers, and to make policy recommendations to stimulate a strong recovery of the sector worldwide. 

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