Compensation for culture in municipalities

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The national government has made EUR 150 million available for local culture and through the municipalities for corona compensation. How is this distributed?


This compensation will initially apply until 1 July 2021, and will be in addition to the compensation for the nationally subsidised institutions included in the Basic Infrastructure.

Municipalities may decide for themselves where the support is most needed. The money is not earmarked

The amount should enable municipalities to support local and cultural institutions and facilities. The money is divided among the municipalities based on their cultural expenditure in 2019. Minister van Engelshoven (OCW) has called on all municipalities by letter to support local cultural institutions with the extra finances. Municipalities may determine themselves where the support is most needed. The money is not earmarked.

At the end of February research bureau Berenschot, commissioned by the Association of Netherlands Municipalities, published a guide containing tips for municipalities to help them channel cultural support to the sector. In the introduction to the guide it is emphasised that sixty per cent of the total government support for culture goes via the municipalities and that the government has a constitutional obligation with regard to our cultural life.


Bureau Berenschot acknowledges existing concerns about the proper destination of the extra 150 million in aid [...Groenewoud. A. (2021, February 28), Cultural sector's concerns about spending corona money justified according to research,].

Download here the overview of the allocated amounts per municipality

Download the guide here Corona, culture and municipalities

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