Supply & Demand

Want-and-Supply ads are small ads, usually from individuals or small independents.

The texts are formatted by BK-informatie. You deliver plain text by e-mail.

Costs for a single placement

€16.25 for 130 characters including spaces or less; every 26 characters more (including spaces) costs €3.25 extra.
The maximum is 260 characters for €32.50.
Prices are inclusive of VAT (21%).

Small calls (without logo)

These calls are short messages in the format of the magazine, without a logo.


€ 149.00 (excluding 21% VAT) for 20 lines on 1 column (1 line is 38 characters including spaces). Every line more costs €7.50 extra with a maximum of 40 lines.

The text of the advertisement must be submitted by e-mail. After placement you will receive a (VAT) invoice.

For more information and bookings please contact Laurien Dumbar at secretariaat(@)

Sign up

To submit a mini-ad in the Q&A section or a small appeal, please contact Laurien Dumbar at

Deadlines 2023

  • No. 6 - Tuesday, Aug. 29 (publication date: Sept. 22)
  • No. 7 - Tuesday, Oct. 10 (publication date: Nov. 3)
  • No. 8 - Tuesday, Nov. 21 (publication date: Dec. 15)