Professional insurance, especially for visual artists

Which insurances do we offer?

    • Corporate Liability
    • Inventory & the possibility to insure own work
    • Transport & accommodation insurance

As an artist you are an independent entrepreneur who, in addition to creating and selling his or her work, also has to deal with matters such as insurance. We are happy to help with that!

For the subscribers to BK-informatie, we went in search of a partner who can offer good, inexpensive professional insurance. After all, good professional insurance is important, even - or perhaps especially - for artists.

In partnership with BB Assurantie Service, BK-informatie offers three professional insurance policies specially designed for visual artists at very favourable rates.

Subscribers to BKinformation receive an attractive discount on a good insurance model. At the moment we offer three types of insurance, but if you are looking for something different, please feel free to contact our partner BB Assurantie Service.

There is already a liability insurance for € 6,25 per month.
(excl. insurance tax)