Podcast #9: Elke Uitentuis and We sell reality

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In the ninth episode of the podcast What's That Doing Here, Esther Didden and co-host Birte ten Hoopen spoke with visual artist and human rights activist Elke Uitentuis and co-director of Framer Framed Cas Bool.

Eéone day a week, Elke Uitentuis works with art collective We Sell Reality at the Rijksacademie in Amsterdam. There they have their own workspace. Sometimes, right before a deadline, they are there much more often. The members of the collective came here as refugees and are in a state of uncertainty: their asylum applications have been rejected, but they also cannot return to their native countries. They are in the Netherlands, but they are also, in a sense, not here.

The artworks created by the art collective address their daily experiences. Because as long as a refugee has no officiële refugee status, this person is limited in everything. We sell reality aims to make visible the dependency position this creates. They develop products and presentations with the goal of providing insight into the lives of undocumented refugees.

In this podcast episode, we talk about showcasing these experiences within the cultural realm at prominent venues such as Amsterdam Museum, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Kunsthal Gent and, of course, Framer Framed. What does that bring them? It also talked about audiences in the arts and how geïnformed they may or may not be about these issues. And about how exhibition venues deal with inclusivity.

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In addition to listening, you can respond to the statements we formulate for each episode. The statement accompanying the podcast with Elke Uitentuis:

Even in the arts, we don't know enough On Europe's failing immigration policy (though we may think so)

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Under the title What's that doing here? BK-information brings a ten-part podcast series about artists and the social issues they deal with. In each episode, philosopher and expert on art in public space Esther Didden and a co-host discuss artists who realize their work within a social context. A context in which very different criteria apply than within the "usual" art discourse. Why do they work within that context and what does it bring to their artistry? What criteria do they have to deal with? And what does it bring to society? What does an artist add when he or she sits at a conference table?
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Podcast #10
The next and also last podcast of this series will appear on December 15, at the same time as the following BK Information. It will be a conversation with most of the artists with whom we talked about the social relevance of art earlier in this series. Together we will explore conclusions.

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In BK Information  issue 2 of 2024 appears as the conclusion of this podcast series an extended reflection by Christiaan Weijts on the entire series; a summary of it appears in the print magazine, the full long read is published our website.
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