Cultural and creative sector covenant

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As of July 2023, the first steps have been taken toward establishing a sectoral covenant for the cultural and creative sector.


Platform ACCT (Platform Labor Market Cultural and Creative Future) has begun the development of a sectoral covenant desired by the sector and adopted a roadmap to this end in late April.

Starting in July 2023, the Federation of Culture (FC), the Creative Coalition (CC), the Arts Union, FNV Media & Culture and the Federation of Creative Industries (FCI) will participate in the first phase of talks. These parties, which as umbrella organizations represent a broad constituency of both employers/clients and employees/self-employed workers, will work together to discuss and establish the general principles of the covenant.

The principles, based on the Fair Practice Code, include topics such as fair working conditions, fair pay, flexibility and security, and combating false self-employment. At a later stage, there will be room for other parties and stakeholders to join and share their perspectives and ideaën into it.

Kunsten '92, the Ministry of OCW, the Association of Netherlands Municipalities (VNG) and the Interprovincial Consultation (IPO) are being asked to attend the talks in the second phase as observers so that these organizations will be kept informed of progress and can provide input where necessary.

Download the Cultural and Creative Sector Covenant Roadmap here

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